Tall Order for Gryphs

Round Number 3, Saturday, 16 April 2016

  • Opponent: Old Geelong
  • Match Result: Loss
  • Played at: Home
  •  Q1Q2Q3Final Score
    Us 2.0 3.0 3.0 03.00.18
    Them 1.10 7.15 13.17 19.23.137

It was ideal conditions at ECR as the Gryphons ran out for its historic first home match in the Club XIII’s. With a number of senior and reserve players unavailble the presure turned to Jim before the first bounce in an effort to put a side onto the park. But to a few people surprise the boys ran out onto the field with 4 running to the bench.

The boys started the game the best way possible with some great ruck work by Scholes and a centre clearence which resulted in Ash swooping on a loose ball and running into an open goal. In a sign of things to come the next 5 minutes saw the ball rearly venture out of the OG’s forward line as their talls took hold of the game. However inaccurate kicking kept us in the game. Another running goal was scored by Glasson and by quarter time the Gryphs were 2 goals to 1 but 4 points behind.

The second quarter started on a sour note with key CHF Simon Jacobs going down with a serious knee injury. The loss of a key tall started to hurt as OG’s started to find the sweet spot in between the big sticks. The backline where again peppered with long balls coming into dangerous areas and did a great job at restricting the opposition as best they could. Brad and Kiel leading the way in the backline. The forward line was buzzing when the ball was in the area with forward pressure being a highlight, however with limited oppotunites only the ‘White Leon’ managed to get on the scoreboard.

The presure on the backline started to tell in the third quarter as the high forwards and midfeild took it upon themselves to get down back and assist. Holmes and Kent started getting a bit of the ball but due to the assistance down back we had limited options up forward, we lost a bit of structure and composure with the ball. OG’s improve their kicking in front of goal and lead to quarter convincingly.

The ¾ time address was all about fixing the structure issues and move back to one on one contested footy style. The presure was put back onto OG’s midfeild as Applecider was channling his inner Bobby Boucher and tackling everything in sight. Wieselmann was at every contest down back but could stop the rempaging OG outfit.

Old Geelong seem to be the benchmark for the Club XIII competition and with the unavailibilites for the senior part of the club the opposition ran out 119 point winners.  


Best Players: H. Scholes, K. Johnsen, L. Wieselmann, G. Kent, A. Holmes, T. Glasson


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