Drug & Alcohol Policy


The GEAFC Drug & Alcohol Policy was created to provide guidelines and standards for ALL persons involved with GEAFC for the management and use of alcohol & drugs


This policy applies to all members & supporters of the football club and all events taken upon in the football clubs name, this includes;

  • ALL football Games and after game drinks in home and opposition clubrooms.
  • ALL social events run or partly run by the GEAFC.
  • ALL events which take place on a sponsor’s property in the name of GEAFC.
  • Events which take place on private property in the name of GEAFC.
  • ALL training and associated training performed by GEAFC




All members and supporters found in breach of the GEAFC Drug & Alcohol Policy will be given the benefit of the doubt and will be provided a first and final warning with regards to breaching the GEAFC Drug & Alcohol Policy. Upon a 2nd breach that member or supporter will be brought in front of the GEAFC Executive with the possibility of explosion.


If the GEAFC discovers any serious habits either alcohol or drug related, the GEAFC will provide whatever necessary support to any member or supporter, while recommending treatment and education on the matter.



The Glen Eira Football club is committed to:

  • Encouraging moderation and a responsible attitude to the consumption of alcohol.
  • Minimising alcohol and other drug related harm to individuals, property and the reputation of the football club.
  • Meeting legal and compliance responsibilities across the VAFA


The Glen Eira Football club believes that:

  • Members of the football club should not be affected by alcohol or drugs whilst engaged in training or game day situations.
  • Members of the football club should observe local, state and federal laws in relation to using, possessing, giving or selling alcohol or drugs.
  • Alcohol and drug misuse is a social and health problem, which is responsive to the prevention, and appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
  • The inappropriate, irresponsible and unlawful use of alcohol and drugs can adversely affect health, safety and personal relationships and result in damage to property, and potentially affect the rights and enjoyments of others.
  • All members of the football club community share a responsibility for protecting the environment by exemplifying high standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • It has a legitimate interest in taking appropriate action if alcohol or drug use is adversely affecting the health safety and performance of an individual or group within the football club, or brings the football club into disrepute.


The Glen Eira Football club does not condone or support the use, possession, cultivation or trafficking or illicit drugs or the misuse and abuse of prescription or other medication.


The Glen Eira Football Club will contribute to the provision of a healthy and safe environment in relation to alcohol and drugs by:

  • Encouraging moderation and a responsible approach towards the serving and consumption of alcohol.
  • Ensure an inclusive environment for players and supporters who choose not the consume alcohol.
  • Provide support to players and supporters who wish to address their patterns of alcohol or drug use.


The Glen Eira Football Club will effectively manage the risk through these policies that will

  • Outline the responsibilities of players and members
  • Specify emergency procedures to be followed in the event of an adverse alcohol or drug related incident.
  • All incidents will be managed by the Glen Eira Amateur Executive.


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